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Almost every person in life has at least once faced the loss of keys from the front door of a house or apartment. You may also find yourself locked out of the house due to a broken key in the cylinder, or jammed lock. It is also impossible to get into the premises quickly without the help of professionals if the keys have been lost / stolen, and there are no more duplicates. If you are locked out of your house, the best solution is calling a local locksmith company — 0113 9496 0274.

Our service of emergency locks opening is your faithful assistant and partner. We are ready to arrive at the place indicated by you 24 hours a day. We can quickly open the lock without damaging the front door. Our experts offer several convenient options for opening doors, which will minimize financial and time losses. The opening of locks is carried out promptly, with high quality and at an attractive price. Pay attention to our statistics – the arrival time of the locksmith to any place in Leeds averages 30 minutes from the moment the operator receives the application!

In addition to emergency opening of locks, we provide services for installing locks, repairing doors, etc.; this means that after the locked door of your apartment or office is opened, you will not need to look for an additional master who can quickly fix or install a new lock. Emergency opening of locked doors is carried out by the locksmiths of our company at any time of the day, but you can always count on that the peace of your neighbours will not be disturbed. Professional opening of the lock is almost silent and performed with the use of specialized tools. Any type of our service is guaranteed for one year.

The door opening is carried out by masters only after presentation of documents confirming that the client is the owner of the house. You can contact a specialist who can help at the right moment, either by phone or through an online application. The operator will contact you to clarify the nuances of the task. It is possible to open a lock of any complexity and brand installed in a door made of any material, including metal structures. In addition to the entrance doors, it is always possible to open locks inside the premises. We also work with safes and cars. You can call the emergency opening service for doors and locks at a convenient moment for you or by choosing a specific date and hour. We will always come to the aid of clients who are locked out of their house!


Emergency lockout services are in high demand in Leeds, especially when it comes to metal doors. The thing is that such doors are made precisely in order to protect the owner of the house from burglary. Here’s the irony — no one is immune from the lock-related troubles including the owners:

  • Lost or stolen keys;
  • Neighbourhood children or hooligans stuffed some foreign object into the keyhole;
  • The lock has served for a long time and has worn out over time;
  • Perhaps, the lock itself was of low quality from the beginning.

The result of such situations is the impossibility of getting home or, on the contrary, leaving the apartment, which in itself is depressing. Our locksmith crew will gladly assist you in such a matter as opening locked doors of any complexity. It can be a car door, a safe lock, or an entrance itself — for each case our craftsmen have a special set of tools.

The main thing is not to panic. You are not the first, and you are not the last who got into such a situation. Otherwise, not a single door-opening company would appear in the world. Having called our company, you should know that a professional, qualified door opener will not keep you waiting long and will arrive at your call fast. The most important thing is that you have documents with you confirming that you are the owner of the apartment. But in some cases, there are other ways to verify the identity of the owner. The professionals who work for us will discuss the details on the spot.

Do not try to open the door yourself! Of course, opening locks in a metal door is not a pleasant procedure, but in some cases, it has to be done. The participation of a professional allows you to keep the door structure (and in some cases the lock itself) safe and sound. If the lock is broken and is no longer suitable for use, our masters will install a new one for you and give you a set of keys. Only you will have the keys. If you wish, you can make duplicates for relatives. Self-opening of the door is fraught with the final breakdown of the locking mechanism and damage to the door itself. Therefore, if you do not want additional spending associated with the repairs, do not try to open the door yourself! The neighbour who «did it a hundred times» should not be trusted either. Better to rely on specialists.

Everything is complicated with locks. Special qualifications and skills are required to open modern metal doors. As a rule, they are equipped with particularly sophisticated locking mechanisms. You certainly won’t open them alone, but you know who can help you. Dial our number if you find yourself in such a delicate situation.


Today, most home and apartment owners prefer iron doors. Nevertheless, fans of wooden doors remain, as wooden models have enough advantages. The wooden door looks very aesthetically pleasing and majestic, stylish. It is much more environmentally friendly than an iron door, and it costs less. A wooden door is often considered a symbol of wealth and well-being. Therefore, it is especially offensive when, due to some problems with the locking mechanism, it is impossible to open that very door. Doors made of solid wood have their own characteristics, which must be taken into account in any operations with such a door, whether it be installing, repairing or opening it.


What can break a wooden door and require calling lockout services?

  • The lock is worn out and can no longer perform its function;
  • Damaged or broken key that is stuck in the cylinder;
  • Accidental falling into the keyhole of foreign elements or actions of hooligans;
  • An ordinary draft! — Yes, and that too. The door may slam shut unexpectedly; something will jam inside it and, behold, it no longer yields to the owner.

Opening of locked wooden doors requires a more delicate approach. After all, a wooden door structure is not as reliable as that of an armoured door. The task requires, firstly, special tools, secondly, impressive experience in providing such services, and thirdly, knowledge of the specifics of opening wooden doors.


Our professionals have been engaged in high-quality and prompt door opening for several years. The company’s mobile units are located in all areas of Leeds; this means that the arrival of the locksmith to you will happen faster than you expect. We know very well what nerves a long wait for a master can cost, especially if a breakdown was discovered after a hard day’s work when there is no longer strength left to deal with anything.


We guarantee door opening will be fast, safe and of high quality. You do not have to worry about the safety of your property because we always work accurately and efficiently. In addition to the services of opening a wooden door, we can also open an iron door, a car or a safe without damage. With our service, you can count on round-the-clock support and complete confidentiality; information about our client is always protected in the strictest manner.


Have you lost the car keys? Is it broken in the lock? Are you unable to open the locked car door due to freezing temperatures? There can be many reasons for calling an auto locksmith. Contacting professionals is the best solution for regaining access to the car without breaking the glass and other damages. If you want to save time, money and efforts, your best bet is turning to the assistance of professional services.

Our experienced locksmith will help you to open a locked car quickly and without damage. Many foreign cars require the use of special equipment for an emergency opening like decoders and lock picks, and certain skills are required for the correct handling of such tools.

In the arsenal of specialists of our company, there is not only a full range of devices for opening locked car doors; our masters also have invaluable practical experience. All work is carried out exclusively with documents confirming vehicle ownership. Professional opening of the car will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs for replacing glass, lock, etc. High efficiency, minimal costs, prompt arrival of specialists — these are just a few reasons why each car owner in Leeds should add our contact number to the phone directory. The arrival time of our auto locksmith averages 30 minutes!

For any type of work, including the opening of a locked car without keys, there is a guarantee from our service. For the quickest response to your inquiry, leave your phone number in the online form. Our operator will contact you and give the initial instructions on further resolution of the problem with the opening of the car. To facilitate the process, it is a good idea to provide information about the car — make, model, year of manufacture. We work with cars of both domestic foreign productions. We guarantee a positive result in tight deadlines; call outs are possible around the clock.

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We guarantee the professionalism and quality of the work performed. Our crew members reside and work in Leeds, which ensures fast response to emergencies; a specialist will get to any point in the city within 25 minutes. The services are available 24/7, call outs are free, and any work is backed by a warranty period.

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