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It does not matter which uPVC window was installed in your house — model from budgetary profile systems or products from profiles of leading world manufacturers; neither one nor the other is insured against malfunctions. Our company will perform a high-quality repair of any complexity and configuration. Repair and replacement of plastic window locks carried out by our experienced craftsmen solves problems with their improper functioning. Locks designed for plastic window profiles bear the main load during constant operation, so they fail most often. Window repair should be entrusted only to professionals as the safety of your home depends on the quality of performed work. Our crew in Leeds offers repair services around the clock and can be reached by phone at 0113 9496 0274.


Many homeowners choose plastic window profiles for their durability, versatility and ease of use. Nowadays, it is one of the most suitable materials in terms of maintenance and repair. A plastic window keeps the house warm and cosy. It is installed in both commercial and residential buildings. It seems as if there can be nothing more reliable than a uPVC window. However, as we all know, things don’t last forever, and plastic window profiles are no exception. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the operation of window locks, it is time to contact a local master. Keep in mind, the sooner you take care of the situation, the better; if you wait until complete failure of the device, it will cost more to repair the damages. Call us at any time of the day for professional services at affordable rates. Serviceable locking mechanism not only eliminates the risk of falling out of the window but also provides additional protection against illegal access to the premises. Even if there are no children at home, installation of high-security mechanisms is recommended for the apartments located on the first and last floors, as well as near trees, common balconies and roofs of other buildings, from where it is easy to get to the window.

Our specialists are available at any time of the day and staged throughout Leeds and the surrounding areas for a fast response to a call.  Work with plastic window profiles requires accuracy and delicate handling, as well as professional-grade tools and knowledge of different kinds of locks. As soon as the dispatch centre operator processes your order, our qualified specialist will rush to your aid because we know the value of time in a modern, fast-paced way of life. The cost of window locks replacement varies depending on the components that need to be changed, the complexity of the work and urgency. But in any case, restoring correct functionality of the window is no more expensive than your own safety and the safety of your loved ones. Our masters will be happy to bring you peace of mind.

It takes us 25 minutes on average to get to any address in Leeds. The specialist will proceed with the job only after an agreement with the client on all costs. Call us for a free consolation and detailed information on window services that we offer. We carry a large selection of sophisticated window mechanisms for different purposes that will meet any of your security requirements. Do you need to repair the locking mechanism on a plastic window? If so, there are no impossible tasks for our experienced crew. Just schedule an appointment with us, or call out the specialist for immediate replacement of a window mechanism. Maintenance, restoration and replacement of uPVC window locks — all this can be done by our qualified masters at a very low cost. It is better to entrust the replacement of plastic window profiles to local professionals than question adequacy of your home protection.

We guarantee the quality of work performance, competitive prices for our services and the best possible outcome. Our team consists of experienced masters that are well-versed in the design of sophisticated locking mechanisms for securing window models made of plastic, wood or aluminium. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous selection process and is trained by us before he becomes a member of our company. We strive to stay familiar with the latest trends in window locks security to ensure that the level of your home protection is up to the current standards. Of course, if you want to save money, you can try to fix the window yourself. For example, it is enough to have general knowledge and good hands to replace a window handle. However, repairing a window locking mechanism requires the skills of an experienced craftsman, and we are ready to help you.

Despite the fact that modern window locking mechanisms are highly dependable, their components are subject to wear over time. In case of faulty window fittings, there is an increased risk that a burglar will be successful in gaining unauthorized entry to the premises. Window mechanism may fail due to factory defects, improper installation, and maintenance. When installing uPVC window, the complex of necessary measures must be determined individually in each specific case, but the need for some of their types arises regularly. Our craftsmen will perform high-quality installation of window structures in strict compliance with regulatory norms and standards. As a rule, uPVC-profile window, which was once installed by a professional, serves for a very long time and doesn’t require any regular preventive maintenance.


Window locking mechanisms are fairly simple and inexpensive products that can be installed on all types of window profiles. They make premises safer for the baby, bring peace of mind to the parents, and at the same time increase the burglary resistance of the window because intruders won’t be able to open the lock from the outside in any way. Pet owners will also benefit from installing secure locks. Locking mechanisms are differentiated according to the principle of operation and the place of installation:

  • Window handle locks. Some parents use the most budgetary and at the same time the most inconvenient way to protect window — they simply unscrew the handle. After a couple of weeks of using this method, all its disadvantages and inconveniences, which you can already guess, will come out. Better to spend a little, but get easy-to-use design. A locking handle is one of the most popular and effective ways to secure a window structure. The only negative side is that you have to carry the keys with you and use them whenever opening the window for ventilation. Some manufacturers make the keys with reflective strips so that it’s easy to spot them, since at first, according to the collected statistics, many parents forget the keys in the handle.
  • Surface-mounted mechanism. The locking handle complicates the ventilation process, and if this is critical for you, then it is better to install a surface-mounted device. Its main advantage is that the window can be partially opened without a key to let fresh air into the apartment. The device consists of two elements: the main part with a locking mechanism is attached to the bottom of the sash, and the second block with a tongue is mounted on the frame. The key is only needed to fully open the window.

Mortise lock. As the name suggests, the mortise mechanism differs from the surface-mounted types in that its elements are hidden in the sash and frame. It is impossible to guess about its presence, the aesthetics of the window do not deteriorate, and the functionality fully coincides with the functionality of the surface-mounted mechanism. Installation of mortise window devices is somewhat more difficult than all others. The task requires skills and professional tools. One part of the structure is milled in the sash with the help of a special machine for cutting a niche of the same dimensions as the locking mechanism. The frame is perforated with the subsequent installation of a keyhole. For the best results, you should turn to the services of a local repair company.

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