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Our crew in Leeds provides services for a professional safe repair of any complexity and opening of all types of locks. The specialist will perform an emergency opening of a safe quickly and accurately while maintaining the integrity and working condition of the lock if there is a technical possibility.

We Can Handle the Most Complex Repair Tasks:

  • Replacement of a faulty lock with a new device from the same manufacturer.
  • Manufacture of a new set of keys for the existing lock.
  • Non-destructive opening of a safe.
  • Convert a mechanical combination mechanism to an electronic lock.
  • Restoration of accessories such as handles, linings and decorative panels.

Our Advantages:

  • We have a large selection of safe locks for replacement.
  • Specialists in our company use only specialized professional equipment. They are highly qualified and have extensive experience in working with all kinds of safe models.
  • If technically possible, emergency opening is carried out without damaging locks, doors and accessories.
  • Prompt execution of orders.
  • Provision of guarantees.
  • You can pay in cash, by check, or with a credit card.

Emergency Opening of a Safe

Any safe is solid construction, characterized by a certain level of fire and burglary resistance. It includes an outer and inner wall, filler, reinforcing steel bars or plates. Safe opening or restoration of its correct operation shouldn’t be entrusted to amateurs. Several conditions must be met, in particular:

  • All procedures should be carried out without damaging the contents of the safe;
  • Effective resolution of difficulties encountered over the course of work;
  • Preserve the operability of the structural elements of the safe.
  • Use of cutting tools, welding machines and gas cutters is allowed only in exceptional cases.

The protection of a safe is ensured not only by a massive case but also by the reliability of the locking system. In many cases, safe locks are composed of coded mechanisms, as well as additional special protective elements which complicate the identification of the combination lock and its decoding; here you have to apply various tricks and special technologies. Any measures for opening a safe are carried out by our specialists, taking into account the design features and specifics of the lock; doing so allows to prevent operational complications and unnecessary damage. Our services may be required due to various reasons:

  • In case of defective locking mechanisms;
  • When individual parts of the lock are worn out, which entails the failure of the entire system;
  • For preventive replacement of the lock;
  • In case of malfunctions of the fittings;
  • In case of mechanical damage due to careless transportation of the safe.
  • Incorrect installation of the locking mechanism;
  • In the event of other technical malfunctions.

No matter the cause, we perform all work accurately and quickly. If a situation requires the use of a drill, the structural and technological elements of the safe are restored to the level of the original specifications before the completion of work. We deal with all safe models. Our masters are available at any time to service an ATM, metal cabinet, depository boxes and more. We serve safes in the residential, commercial and banking sectors.

The design of mechanisms has become more complex with the use of materials that prevent gaining access by drilling. Locks are at the peak of technological development and protection against opening with master keys. The combination of various types of mechanisms makes it impossible for crackers to pick the lock in a few minutes.

Our masters have accumulated vast experience in providing services for opening the safe. However, some models can’t be opened without drilling or using optics. There are locking devices that can’t be picked with a master key. In such cases, we offer our clients to open the lock using the drilling method.  The specialist will determine how to carefully open the safe with minimal damage after studying the design of the structure and locks. The holes that were drilled are closed up after replacing the locks. In the majority of cases, only a replaceable lock is damaged while the safe itself remains completely intact; it won’t lose its constructive and protective properties.

Immediately contact the specialists if you experience difficulties with the operation of the safe or lost the key. Remember, any attempts to fix the issue on your own can lead to the worsening of the situation up to a complete breakdown of the locking mechanism. By contacting us, you will receive professional advice and prompt service whenever you need it!

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01.Why should I choose your company?

We guarantee the professionalism and quality of the work performed. Our crew members reside and work in Leeds, which ensures fast response to emergencies; a specialist will get to any point in the city within 25 minutes. The services are available 24/7, call outs are free, and any work is backed by a warranty period.

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