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Most people in life face extraordinary situations. For example, the door of your car cannot be opened due to the loss of keys, or perhaps the locks are broken, and you cannot get inside the apartment on your own. Or maybe you need to change the cylinder, make the door aesthetically pleasing, or replace the door locks with more secure products. In these and other difficult cases, the specialists of our service will come to your aid. Please call 0113 9496 0274, and the dispatcher will immediately route the closest available locksmith to your address.

Our service in Leeds for emergency opening of locks offers its clients a wide range of high-quality security systems available for replacement. You can contact the 24/7 service if you need to open the locks, cars, safes, or change the locking devices in the front entrances. We will become your real assistant, ready to provide the necessary help around the clock! You should not try to replace the locks, open the safe or get inside the car with the locked door on your own. A reasonable solution would be to turn to professionals in their field. Our experts will install the mechanisms in the door silently, without the hassle and in the shortest possible time. The help of specialists with extensive practical experience, knowledge and high qualifications will ensure the safety of your property, save money, nerves and time.


Theft, breakage or loss of keys from the front door to an apartment, house or office is a serious problem that requires a quick and professional solution. To ensure safety in such cases, it is necessary to change the locking mechanisms. Also, it is necessary to select the best option for locks and entrust their installation to a specialist so that the device will serve as long as possible and provide adequate protection.

We are always ready to help and offer professional service for the replacement of locking mechanisms. You can contact us for consultation on the choice of a product. Change is carried out at reasonable prices and in the shortest possible time. In some cases, a complete replacement of the device is not required; it will be enough to replace only the cylinder mechanism of the device. Many models of secure cylinders, as well as locking devices from well-known manufacturers are available from our specialists, so when placing an order, you can immediately choose a solution for the front door that is suitable in terms of quality and price. Change of locking mechanisms is a necessity when moving to a new place of residence, after the departure of tenants or illegal entry into the home. In any case, we recommend installing more advanced locks. We undertake to overcome the most difficult nuances of dismantling the mechanisms; the call out of a locksmith is possible at any time of the day.

Turning to our company will allow you to get a flawless result. The costs vary depending on the complexity of the job, but our prices are always competitive. It is best to contact the masters even at the stage of buying a new device, so as not to waste money by choosing the model that is not suitable for your door. The rich experience and extensive practice of the specialists will allow you to feel safe in your home. On average, the on-site visit of locksmiths takes only 20 to 40 minutes. Don’t waste time trying to install an expensive locking device yourself. Often, such independence leads to a breakdown of the locking mechanism. If you prefer to work with professionals, save our number in your contacts. Besides installing locks, our company offers repair of entrances and damage-free gain of entry. All our products are backed by a 1-year warranty.


Replacement is a very important process on which depends the safety of the entire home. Therefore, the choice of the mechanism, as well as its installation, must be taken extremely seriously. As for the installation of the locks, it is best to order it from trusted locksmiths who have solid experience and special skills. If you’ve been in a search for a reputable company, you have come to the right place. Remember, installation is only part of the whole process. Attention should also be paid to the choice of the desired mechanism so that it reliably protects the premises from unexpected guests. There are many types of locking mechanisms; we will consider the ones that are used most often:

  • Traditional mechanisms. The main advantage of such products is the ease of handling and reliability of all mechanical parts. Plus, they are cheaper compared to other types. However, such a mechanism is vulnerable to an intellectual picking which can be done with the ordinary master key.
  • Lever-tumbler mechanisms. These devices are considered one of the most reliable among all existing modern door locking mechanisms. They have already managed to prove themselves excellently in banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, the installation of lever-tumblers is becoming popular in private households. The reliability of such devices is determined by the number of levers — special parts that hold the bolt when the key is turned. Lever-tumblers cannot be opened with a master key.
  • Cylinders. They have a fairly simple design; however, at the same time, cylinders provide maximum protection for the living space and are easy to use.
  • Mechanisms with rekeying option. This type can include both variants of the locking mechanism at once: lever and cylinder. So, for example, if the key is lost, there is no need to completely change the mechanism in a lever-type device; it is enough to rekey using the tool that comes with the product. The code is reset, and a new combination is made with different keys. In further operation, it will be necessary to use a new set of keys that come in a package.


The fitting of new locks may be required in a variety of cases. The procedure will become a necessity in case of a failure of an old locking device, installation of a new door, move to another place of residence, loss of keys, etc. If the installation of new devices into wooden structures doesn’t present particular problems, the installation in metal structures requires certain skills, experience, special knowledge and the use of professional equipment. We are ready to help you solve any door related problem.

It is worth contacting our locksmith company at the stage of choosing a locking device because doing so guarantees the safety of your property; the impossibility of intruders entering the apartment. Our experts will help you find the best option for locks from a well-known manufacturer that suits you in terms of quality and cost. An assessment will also be made of the object itself — the type of material, thickness, etc. You just need to place an order, and we will take care of the rest.

We work accurately, as quietly as possible, taking into account all the wishes of the client. An emergency visit to the site is also possible; we work for your peace of mind around the clock. To invite a locksmith to your home or office, you can call us or leave an online application on the website. Most manufacturers continuously improve their assortment by releasing burglar-proof locking mechanisms. We scrupulously study all available offers on the market in order to be ready to offer our clients the very best. Many models of quality products from well-known companies are available from our specialists on-site, so even before we leave, you can choose the locking device. The assortment also includes various cylinders.

We are ready to offer an installation of locking devices in several versions – mortise or surface-mounted mechanisms of lever and cylinder types. We also perform after-burglary repairs and emergency boarding up. There is a 1-year warranty on all types of work. Do not save on the quality of work if you want to be sure of the result. We have favourable prices for fitting mechanisms into structures of any type. It only takes 30 minutes at most for the locksmith to arrive at any place in Leeds.


The security requirements are increasing almost every day. And to keep up with the demand, most manufacturers of locking devices release new, more advanced models of locks. A properly selected product will be the guarantor of your peace of mind for the safety of the property. Every detail is important, starting from the choice of the type of mechanism and ending with the quality of its installation.

Always contact professionals in security systems for the best results. We are not afraid of difficulties; considerable practical experience, extensive knowledge and the use of modern tools allow us to quickly install locking devices of any complexity. In the process, the customer needs to select the type of mechanism — lever, cylinder, disc, invisible, combined, electronic, etc. Employees of our company will acquaint you with the differences between various models and advise on the ideal solution for the front door of a house or apartment. Large assortment of well-known locking devices and cylinder mechanisms are available from our specialists. Therefore, you do not have to spend time on shopping trips to find a high-quality and easy-to-use product.

Calling professionals is a convenient solution for those who do not want to be content with low quality work, and who cares about the safety of their property. Our locksmiths install mechanisms in metal and wooden structures; installation of additional protection for the locking device is also possible. Our locksmith crew always takes responsibility for the quality of the work performed. We will gladly select for you a locking mechanism that meets all your wishes. If required, we will find for you a similar model of the locking device, in which case the installation of the mechanism will take a minimum amount of time. Installation of the same size device as the old locking mechanism ensures the integrity of the entrance’s structure. You can call us at any time; we are available around the clock. To leave a request, just call our dispatch centre or submit the online form.

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